Outstanding privileges and amenities are just as important as the intangible benefits that come with private club membership – a sense of community, camaraderie and belonging.  We offer a variety of affordable golf, tennis and social memberships that give you both: Access to one of New Mexico's best golf and recreational facilities, and a year-long schedule of events designed to engage and delight every member of the family.  

Interested in Membership?

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Or Call (505) 822-0422
to learn more or schedule a tour!

Or Call (505) 822-0422
to learn more or schedule a tour!


Membership Opportunities

Full Privilege Membership

Members and their families enjoy full club privileges including:

  • Full access to the 27-hole championship golf course, tennis facilities, swimming pool and clubhouse facilities.
  • A full calendar of golf and social events.

Junior Executive/Full Privilege Membership

Members (ages 18 - 45) and their families enjoy club privileges including:

  • Full access to our 27-hole championship golf course, tennis facilities, swimming pool and clubhouse.
  • A discounted membership initiation deposit as well as monthly dues until the primary member reaches the age of 45.
  • A full calendar of golf and social events.
  • This membership is not transferable.
Limited Privilege Membership

Limited Golf members enjoy:

  • Golf privileges and practice facilities Monday – Thursday excluding holidays, weekends and Mondays on which tournaments are being held.
  • Access to the tennis courts, swimming pool and clubhouse facilities seven days per week.
  • A full calendar of social activities.
Sport Membership

Members enjoy:

  • Full access to the clubhouse, tennis facilities, and swimming pool.
  • A full calendar of social events.
  • Access to six rounds of golf per year (April 1 - October 31) for a guest fee.
Social/Swim Membership

Members enjoy:

  • Social/Swim members enjoy the pool and food outlets seven days a week.
  • Full calendar of social events.

We Value Our Partnership

We are pleased you have taken the time to inquire about Membership opportunities at Tanoan.  Every once in a while you get a chance to truly make a difference.  Here at Tanoan Country Club, our Board of Advisors and local management have signed an unprecedented Partnership Agreement with our Owners, American Golf.

In a typical corporate environment, you would very rarely see a relationship like this created.  The Owners have agreed to share 50% of monthly dues on all net new Full Privilege Memberships enrolled over the next 5 years. And the excitement doesn’t stop there because we, the Members, control what capital improvements we want to see done at our Club! The dues dollars that we have the opportunity to receive because of our Partnership can be well over $1 Million dollars.

We truly appreciate our Partnership arrangement and would love to tell you more about it and our Membership philosophy.

We operate under a Membership culture of partnering with our Members to help facilitate the fulfillment of our Members’ vision for their Club.

Our enrollment process of “Membership-by-Invitation” exemplifies this Partnership. This time-honored tradition of “Friends-inviting-Friends” ensures all of our new Members are families and friends that will enhance the Membership roster and the camaraderie of their Club. Should you be new to our community or not know a current Member, we will certainly welcome your enrollment with open arms and will happily introduce you to current Members who have similar interests as yours and get you connected into the Club with fellow Members that will soon be your friends! We take great pride in the amenities, benefits and services that we offer, but the most valuable asset that we have is our Membership.

Our “Invitation” allows our Member Sponsors the opportunity to provide the best Preferred Offer for their friends and family to consider membership. Give us a call and we can help get you connected with one of our Ambassadors. Contact our Membership Director, Katie Skinner at (505) 822-0422, ext. 226 or at [email protected]

Bob Daniel
Board Chairman
Tanoan Country Club

The National Golf Club

This exclusive program gives members access to 150+ exceptional golf courses nationwide. 

Enjoy 50% Off Dining And More

Upgrade your Club membership to PREMIER and enjoy the Ultimate Member Benefits Program. Take 50% off dining at your Home Club, play at an expanded network of "Cart Fee Only" golf, gain exclusive access to private clubs across the U.S. and abroad, and save on travel, entertainment, and shopping.


Membership Benefits

Member Advantage Plan:

Extend the privileges of your membership with our exclusive Member Advantage Plan.

  • No Assessments:

    Enjoy premier facilities and services – without assessment fees.

  • Leave a Legacy:

    Share the privilege of membership with selected family members.

  • Transfer Your Membership:

    Transfer your membership deposit to clubs in our nationwide network if you move.

  • Complimentary Clinics:

    Access complimentary golf clinics for members of all ages and abilities.

  • Merchandise Discounts:

    Purchase pro shop merchandise at significantly reduced pricing.

  • Special Event Pricing:

    Get special pricing on food and beverage selections; plus no room rental fees.